What Can Craniosacral Therapy Do for You?

Craniosacral Therapy works by increasing subtle fluid movements in the body – from whole structural changes (such as unwinding a joint or organ) to cellular changes (think better fluid saturation in a bone or sheet of connective tissue). It is also an elegant and effective method of soothing the nervous system, which restores resiliency to stress. This gentle and reverent work helps by balancing and settling the body systems, effectively treating the body as a whole – making it appropriate and helpful from the first day you are born all the way into old age.

It is an incredible tool to aid in trauma resolution by releasing stuck energy from the nervous system, where trauma is ultimately held. It’s gentle enough for for acute and/or severe injuries, and powerful enough to be effective on deep patterns of holding, scar tissue, or otherwise “stuck” parts of us needing assistance to find movement again.

A few specific applications (there are too many to comprehensively list):
– help bring balance to endocrine (hormone) systems
– relieve pain and inflammation due to injury (both acute and chronic)
– prepare for and recover from surgery
– improve lymphatic flow and detoxification processes
– balance and increase digestive health – whether it’s too slow or overly active
– lessen the frequency/intensity of migraine and other headaches, or relieve them altogether
– correct TMJ dysfunction and minimize or relieve pain
– help with the process of orthodontic care/dentistry, and minimize after effects (like headaches)
– reduce the impact of childbirth on both Mom and Baby
– lessen the impact of jet-lag after long travels
– decrease anxiety symptoms and increase a sense of ‘goodness’ in the body

Craniosacral therapy can stand alone and is also a wonderful adjunct to other process-oriented modalites of healing, such as Somatic Experiencing, EMDR or other trauma therapy, massage, physical therapy, Chiropractic, and more.