Aromatherapy is an ancient and very effective way to heal the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. There was a time when essential oils were more precious than gold. Historically, essential oils have played a prminent role in everyday life, for maintaining health and for healing what ails you.

Essential oils, known as nature’s living energy, are the natural, aromatic liquids found in shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, and seeds. The distinctive components in essential oils defend plants against insects, environmental conditions, and disease. They are also vital for a plant to grow, live, evolve, and adapt to its surroundings

Essential oils are extracted from aromatic plant sources via steam distillation, and are highly concentrated and far more potent than dry herbs. While essential oils often have a pleasant aroma, their chemical makeup is complex and their benefits vast—which makes them much more than something that simply smells

Discovery Healing chooses to use Young Living Essential Oils. They are the leading pro
vider of essential oils, offering more than 300 essential oil singles and blends. Every essential oil Young Living distills or sources has the optimal naturally-occurring blend of chemical constituents to maximize the desired effect.

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