Before we can bill your insurance for your care, here is what we need:

1) Call your insurance company and ask if massage therapy and/or manual therapy is covered by a licensed massage therapist. This is important because sometimes insurance plans cover massage, but only if administered by a doctor or physical therapist.

Some other useful information to gather is:

  • Do you have a deductible? If so, how much is it?
  • Do you have a co-pay? How much is it? / Do you have a co-insurance payment? What is the percentage?
  • How many visits do you have per year?
  • Are they combined with other rehab services such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, etc., or is your massage therapy benefit a stand alone benefit?
  • Is there a medical-necessity requirement?

2) Obtain a valid prescription for care (not a referral). A prescription will have your name, date of birth, number of sessions requested, and diagnosis code(s). Even if your insurance plan does not require you to have a prescription, I do. This is not negotiable, I realize it can be an inconvenience but it’s a necessity. This is because they provide a diagnosis code (I cannot diagnose under my license) and because they help us prove medical necessity should your insurance company ever question your care and require records in order to consider payment.  Prescriptions are good for six months from date written, and can only be filled out by one massage therapist.
3) If all goes well and you do have insurance coverage we can use for your care, bring in your insurance card and photo ID – I’ll need a front/back copy of those on file for my records.

Discovery Healing will bill your insurance for you, and (hopefully) receive payment directly from the insurance company. In the event insurance refuses coverage / payment, you will receive an invoice for the balance due, payable immediately upon receipt. Please make note of that before you decide to bill insurance for your care. Your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company. Insurance policies vary, even within the same company. Your insurance company has the final say on what is covered and not covered (payable) under your policy. Discovery Healing cannot verify coverage or eligibility for you, and eligibility / coverage does not ensure payment. All questions about your coverage should be directed by you, to your insurance company. As the patient and insured person, it is your responsibility to know your insurance and verify that you have the coverage for the medical services you seek. All services you receive at Discovery Healing are transactions between you and your health are provider (Eve DeRooy), and you are agreeing to be financially responsible for all services received – by receiving them. If services are not covered by your insurance, you may ultimately be responsible for the cost of these services.

I realize this is a huge hassle, and empathize totally. Discovery Healing has opted, for now, to offer some insurance billing, on a limited basis. Your support and cooperation in the process makes the continuation of this possible.

In-network billing available with:

First Choice Health

United Medical

Auto Accidents (Personal Injury Protection claims)

Co-Pays and Co-insurance payments are due at time of service. Care that goes to deductible will be billed once the claim is processed, and you’re responsible for payment of that in full.. All insurance-billed sessions are $125/hr. You will only be responsible for the amount negotiated by your insurance company.