How Craniosacral Therapy Works

Life under water depends on the movements of currents to keep nutrients flowing in and waste carried out. Our internal environments depend on the same kind of cyclic flow, for that very same purpose. If there is stagnancy in the fluid motions in the body, problems occur. When fluid systems are free to move, healing occurs and health is present.

Just like you have respiratory, skeletal, and digestive systems – you also have a craniosacral system. It is named for the structures it’s made up of: an outer, bony layer (cranial bones, vertebrae, sacrum), a membrane layer inside the bones (meninges), cerebral spinal fluid, and finally – the brain and spinal cord.

The cerebral spinal fluid, brain, and spinal cord are always moving in a slow, rhythmic pulse. This is called the ‘cranial rhythm. This motion at the core of your body is communicated via your fluid systems and connective tissue webbing throughout your whole body. Essentially your alive body is a constant sea of fluid motion.

The body is spectacularly intelligent, as changes occur in one place in your body, all other parts immediately know of that change and re-organize to adapt to it. This works with and involves your whole body in the healing process. Because of the way everything is connected in the fluid and connective tissue matrix, I can work with a specific area or a whole system depending on what’s needed by your body in the moment.

Craniosacral Therapy works with the subtle fluid movements in your body, instead of against what’s stuck. Using what’s already free to move to release blockages, stored tension patterns, and restore normal subtle fluid movement in all parts of your body, creates ease in the tissues.

What to expect in a session: we can work with you sitting up or lying down. You will stay clothed, and I’ll make hand contact on one or more parts of your body. The pressure required to palpate such subtle movements is very light – sometimes just a few ounces of pressure. And requires no rubbing or oil, like massage does. While we’re working we’ll communicate about comfort, and what’s happening in your experience. Reporting what you notice is key in helping me help you – this includes shifting of emotional states, physical sensation, insight awareness, etc. I can then use that information to more accurately guide the work we do together. Sessions are typically 45-55 minutes of hands-on work.