At Discovery Healing, we are passionate about the work we do, and believe deeply in the value of it’s contribution to health and healing. Because the cumulative benefits of alternative care are exponential to the occasional treatment, we offer regular discounts for anyone who would like to use them: giving you up to $20 off of every session.

Check out our Standing Appointment discounts by clicking here, and our Pre-Paid Punch Card discounts by clicking here. 

For a la carte, special occasion, and other discounts we offer, check out the info below:

Technique Practice Session: “Skills Lab”* – $60 *Each month Eve chooses something to focus on to fine-tune her skills. These sessions are offered at a discount and do not require any other commitments.

Birthday Discount: As a valued part of our practice, and to celebrate your being alive, you get one session at $20 off of regular rates somewhere within 30 days of your birthday. 

Somatic Experieincing Session – (No hands-on work): $60

Referral Discount: Get a $10 credit on your account when you refer someone to us. Credit is good for a year from when your referral comes in to see us.

New Client Discount: New clients get a 75 minute session for $80, regardless of technique (excludes acupuncture).

For Regular Rates (no discounts applied) click here.