Process Oriented Bodywork


The process between caterpillar and butterfly is an incredible one. Once inside the chrysalis the caterpillar will completely liquify and re-organize into what will emerge as a butterfly. And the process of working to get out of the chrysalis is vital, without it essential reflexes will not get triggered, and the butterfly may not be able to use it’s wings and fly. The metaphor of this is incredibly beautiful when you think of what it takes to heal in your life. It’s not just the before and after. It’s the process.

Healing is a process, filled with lots ups and downs, and of course, discovery. As we heal from an injured body, heart, spirit, or mind we begin to have insights, awarenesses, and most importantly, a return to a feeling of being at home in yourself.

At Discovery Healing we are not outcome focused so much trained to track progress over time and see what’s working and what isn’t. As we get to know each other it will become easier to be concise and accurate in the help we provide you. This comes from the therapeutic relationship we build over time. We want to be a reliable asset in your life process – whether healing from a trauma, an injury, or keeping up with maintenance to ensure your resilience to the natural stresses of life.

Each session is different from the next. It’s important reduce or eliminate symptoms as they come up. Sometimes there are multiple layers to work on (we’ve all heard the peeling away of onion layers metaphor…). Every now and then something simply needs to be unwound, or balanced – or just relaxing will do the trick. Our job is to remain oriented to what’s receptive to heal. It is our intention to fully address the wholeness of you.

Everyone at Discovery Healing is willing and able to work as a team, with each other and with your primary care physician, therapist, chiropractor, or whoever else you’d like us to collaborate with on your behalf. Besides our in-house talent, we have an extensive network of other practitioners in case what we’re working with needs some extra support outside of our sessions, exceeds the scope of our skill or practice, or that someone else may simply be more helpful to you with what you’re working on.

We believe in our work, and the cumulative benefits are exponential to the occasional treatment. Click here for packages and discounts we offer to support you in your efforts to care for yourself.