My Philosophy & Why I Practice

Healing happens over time. It’s a process that works when the parts that are ready to heal get the right support and environment. The body does the rest all on it’s own.

When people get hurt, the effects touch many parts of them: body, mind, emotions, spirit. I have been witness to profound changes in people’s lives through the support of this gentle and reverent work. It is key address our physicality. The body is a tremendous ally that’s whole purpose is to guide and support us. No matter the source of the injury, trauma, or stress – the body holds a necessary component to healing from it.

We live in a culture that generally doesn’t like bodies very much. We get messages constantly that we should look, feel, or act a certain way that may not be authentic to our true selves. It might even be impossible. This is a massive and, for most of us, constant stress on a nervous system – and one of the reasons many of us are so injured by chronic stress. In my experience it’s very difficult to find good care for your body. Which is why I practice this work and continue to study it, ongoing.

Every one of us has a kind of impulse towards health in our bodies. Sometimes we lose our clear perception / orientation to  that spark (or brilliant shining light) of health. One of the many reasons we need each other as humans – and having a good professional helper for navigating this is invaluable.

Instead of looking for what ails you, I look for what’s working, what’s thriving. And then aim to help that spread throughout your whole being. This work so beautifully holds the space for that to occur, often with less effort than we think.