Benefits of Massage

Beyomassage on backnd the basics most of us have heard is good about massage (listed below) there is a kind of magical, almost primal medicine that happens in a great massage.

Receiving intelligent, well-attuned touch is immensely supportive to the inherent health that is in every body. By reducing muscle tension, the mind can find ease, the heart can begin to feel lighter, freeing you up to function as a whole being with less efforting and more fluency.

Massage is also a really incredible way to heal your relationship to your body. So many of us have suffered abuse,  chronic pain and/or illness, and at a minimum a kind of disconnection or even hatred towards our body. Massage can give a context and way to experience your body in a healthy and pleasurable way. This takes a combination of a good match for the style of massage being practiced, and a well-trained practitioner who knows how to hold the space for you to heal in this way.

Benefits of Massage Therapy:

Improves circulation of blood and lymph, bringing in fresh oxygen and nourishment, and removing waste (boosting detoxification).

Stimulates and encourages healthy digestion, assisting in normalizing too slow or too fast digestive processes.

Mobilizes the sheets and sheathes of fascia that surround and contain our muscles, nerves, tendons, and organs for increased range of motion and ease of subtle movements.

–  Restores normal muscle tone, freeing up both subtle and gross range of motions, making both stillness and movement much more comfortable.

Boosts immune system function to help ward off infections/colds, etc. and clear out what’s already there

– Can help to normalize sleep patterns, reduce anxiety, heal body image issues, and bring a ‘felt sense’ of safety to the body, which for many of us, is a rare occurrence.

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