What to Expect in a Massage

Each massage is going to be unique. 

Nothing we do is rote or based on a routine to get people in and out to pack the schedule. We will take time with you, making sure to address your concerns, and give you a session that meets the needs you have that day. 

Your modesty will always be respected. You will be left alone in the room to get undressed and re-dressed. During your massage you will be covered by a sheet/blanket, and only the part of your body being worked on will be uncovered during your massage.

While it’s standard for people to get undressed for massage (since gliding over the skin with lotion or oil is part of the technique) it’s not necessary. You may keep any article of clothing on, any time you want to. Some people prefer to be completely naked under the sheet; some prefer to leave underwear or socks on. For some people it changes from session to session. It’s always up to you. 

We only work on the parts of your body you would like to have massaged. A typical full-body massage includes the front and backs of your legs (including gluteals), your feet, arms/hands, back, shoulders, neck, head, and face. Abdominal massage is available on request. 

You have full authority over what happens in each session and can always choose to have parts of your body included or not. All of our massage therapists are trained to work on areas that are sensitive, ticklish, or that feel more vulnerable (if you want help with those things).

Comfort is of utmost importance in a massage – technique, temperature, and music are all customizable specific to you. There are a variety of positions you can be in for massage, including lying face down, on your back, propped up partially or fully sitting, on your side, and (yep) even standing.

Massage is appropriate any place on the body except breasts, and genitals. There will never be any sexual content in a massage session, ever. Not only is it illegal, it is in violation of the sacred healing space we are invested in creating at Discovery Healing. Licensed, professional massage is never sexual, and should always make you feel safe and cared for.