Recovery from Stress/Injury & Resilience

Resilience to the ongoing stresses and challenges in life is what this work is all about.

Ever been through something that you feel like you ‘recovered’ from but that left you somehow less able to bounce back after the subsequent life stress(es)? Or do you find that you just don’t have the ability to bounce back after getting upset or if your body fires up in pain it seems to really sick around – maybe it’s even chronic?

Much of this is the diminished resiliency that comes from the effects of stress, trauma and PTSD. Stress is something that is in our environment in unprecedented forms and intensities, and simply put, every single one of us has some level of accumulated stress in our body that is reducing our capacity to respond, and recover. Never mind resiliency. This can show up in the form of chronic tension, pain, fatigue, and myriad other symptoms – digestive troubles, anxiety, insomnia, depression, or just a general sense of malaise for “no apparent reason”.

We are creatures of nature living in a nearly completely unnatural environment.

The human nervous system is actually inherently able to bounce back from stresses – even major ones if given the right conditions to do so. By allowing the natural activation and deactivation responses to occur in the body (this is all about physiology here) we can restore our natural resiliency to stress. Sometimes we need help to re-orient ourselves to this process, but it’s hard-wired into every living nervous system, and it’s a very effective way to not only overcome past stressful experiences and trauma, but it’s also remarkably useful in moving through future stresses as they come.

Whatever the approach that’s best for you, we are seeking to both relieve some of your current discomfort or life stress, and over time, start to clear the accumulations so that you can have long term relief. When your body isn’t using all of it’s energy to cope with stress, that energy is then free to digest your food easier, sleep more deeply, and be more alert and relaxed at the same time while awake. As you build resiliency in your nervous system you build your capacity to ride through the tides of life with much more ease.