Regularly Scheduled Appointments

Life is not going to slow down. But you can.

It is unrealistic to think we could just take 1/3 of our life-responsibilities off our plate for the sake of self-care. A good idea? Sure. Though trying to figure that out is a sticky trap, and there’s just no need to add the stress of trying to figure out how to do less to be less stressed. It’s like the unsolvable riddle of solutions…..

Don’t despair! There’s hope…

By scheduling
a standing appointment for yourself, you are building in a safeguard for your health and well-being. You can choose from weekly all the way to quarterly, and our online scheduler will hold that day/time just for you. That way you can build it into your schedule in advance – and your life can work itself around it. Really, this is a serious strategy for success.

Click here to book your appointment, and then reply to the confirmation email with how frequently you’d like to have that appointment held for you. No commitments, no subscriptions, you can cancel or reschedule any of those appointments at any point (regular policies apply of course).