Office Location

New location as of 5/10/2017:

Areis Building

2366 Eastlake Ave E, Ste. 424

Seattle, WA 98102

Parking is all on-street and free (but is time limited, usually 2-4 hours). I hope to have a parking spot in the lot to offer you soon, but for now it’s going to be street parking. In the meantime – read the signs! – they enforce the rules around here.
Bathrooms require a code, which is 01230.
Waiting spaces if you’re early, are aplenty here. You can either wait on the bench outside of the elevator, in the building waiting room, which is located on the third floor of the building across from the women’s bathroom, or – for some reason – in the bathrooms. There are waiting chairs and magazines in there too. 
When you arrive, if the door is closed to the office space, send me a text that you’re here and then have a seat in one of the waiting areas. I’ll text you when I’m ready and the door is open.