Eve DeRooy, LMP, CCST


The older I get, the more deeply reverent I feel about practicing this work. In 1999 – at 19 years old, never having had a massage in my life, I followed an intuitive guidance to go to massage school. Studying a healing modality felt right, as I was looking for a way to heal myself as well as be helpful to others. At that time in my life I had a significant aversion to being touched by anyone, even a reassuring pat on the shoulder felt invasive and upsetting. I also saw much suffering in the world, and wanted to make a difference. Seemed like a year and a half in massage school should move me right though that (ah, youth…). I’d be saving everyone from their pain and suffering – and I’d be all done with my own work – it was a great plan. That was 1999, so now – nearly 20 years later, I realize it’s a lifelong study and practice: helping others heal, and attending to my own healing. I’m happy to say the evolution of my practice and the health in my own system have both grown tremendously.

Because of a background working through healing my own traumatic experiences, I appreciate how essential it is to work on this material from a somatic approach. I’ve focused my training specifically to understand the effects of stress on the body. Learning how the body experiences, stores, and processes, and releases stress. Because my focus is on how a person processes experience, it’s not about the cause of the symptoms per se, or the ‘trauma’ itself. There are as many ways that is right to heal as there are people. But we all share the same anatomy and physiology – a common biological language that connects us all to the same powerful thing: life force. A few helpful links for more details on that: So, what is trauma? | The Healing Process | Recovery from Stress/Injury & Resilience | For more information on my philoshophy and why I practice, click here.

After graduating from the Brian Utting School of Massage in 2000, I have extensively studied Craniosacral Therapy, Somatic Experiencing®, and Organic Intelligence®. With 6000+ clinical sessions and 3000+ hours of continuing education under my belt, I continue to remain curious, interested, and inspired by my work. Details on my training here. I use a mixture of Craniosacral Therapy, Somatic Experiencing®, Aromatherapy/Essential Oils, and Massage to help my clients get relief from distressing symptoms, as well as re-engage in life as well as possible. All of my work is influenced and guided by the principles and teachings of Organic Intelligence®.