Eve DeRooy, LMP, CCST


I was 19 when I followed an intuitive guidance to go to massage school. I had never even had a massage, so it was definitely a leap of faith. I had a desire to be in helpful service to people in their healing process, and a developing practice of attending to my own personal healing. At the time, it seemed a year and a half of school would accomplish those things. Now aware (of course) that I was at the beginning of a lifelong practice in both supporting/helping/facilitating the healing process in others, and maintaining the practice of attending to my own (with help from others). 

After graduating from the Brian Utting School of Massage in 2000, I have studied extensively, primarily to understand and help with how stress (and trauma) effect a person, and more relevant – how they recover. Most of my continuing education has been in the areas of Somatic Experiencing®, Organic Intelligence®, and Craniosacral Therapy (multiple models of CST). With 15,000+ clinical sessions and 3000+ hours of continuing education under my belt, I continue to remain curious, interested, and inspired by my work. I tailor my skills to the individual per session, some is hands on, some is not. I’m happy to say the evolution of my practice and the health in my own system have both grown tremendously. The older I get, the more deeply reverent I feel about practicing this work.