OK – POLICIES…They’re no one’s favorite, but a necessary part of the therapeutic container created for our session work together. 

CANCELING AND RESCHEDULING: To cancel or reschedule your appointment, 48 hours is required to avoid being responsible for 100% of the cost of the scheduled session. This fee is waived if your appointment time can be filled by someone else. 48 hours notice gives us time to offer your spot to someone else. By initialing below, you agree you are financially responsible for all appointments you schedule.

ILLNESS / EMERGENCIES: Illness and emergencies are excepted from the 48 hour cancellation /reschedule policy. If you are sick, please stay home and get better (also, let’s not share germs). And emergencies cannot be planned in advance for, so do let us what’s going on so you don’t get charged for your missed appointment.

INSURANCE: If you would like to use your insurance we can discuss that during a session and see if it’s a good fit for your care with me. If so there are some preliminary steps required in order to make insurance-billing possible. Until these steps are completed no sessions will be billed to insurance. Insurance benefits offered through insurance are not a guarantee of payment from them, even with a valid prescription on file. If your insurance refuses payment, you may be responsible for the full cost of your care to date (depends on the policy).

Discovery Healing requires a current prescription on file, with billable ICD-10 diagnosis codes and the number of treatments prescribed. Prescriptions are good for six months. Billed sessions are for medically necessary treatment only, and are billed at $125/hr.

TIMELINESS: Please make every effort to be on time, if you arrive late we may not be able to work for your full scheduled time. The fee for the session will stay the same. In the rare event that your practitioner is running behind, you will be given your full scheduled time, as long as it works with your schedule. If not, your fee will be adjusted accordingly.

WHAT WE’RE UP TO: I understand that Therapeutic Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, and Somatic Experiencing can work together or alone to access and create change in all tissues and systems of the body. Any combination of these along with aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, and topical homeopathic, anti-inflammatory or analgesic creams may be used as appropriate. I also understand that I have a choice as to what my sessions consist of and will communicate my needs and preferences clearly to my practitioner.

WHAT WE’RE NOT UP TO: I understand that the massage practitioner does not diagnose disease, illness, or any other physical or mental disorder. As such the practitioner does not prescribe medical treatment or pharmaceuticals, not do they perform spinal manipulations, or provide psychotherapy. I understand bodywork is not a substitute for medical examination or diagnosis, nor is it a substitute for licensed professional mental health care. I know it is recommended that I see the appropriate medical provider for any physical or mental condition I may ave. I have stated all my known medical conditions and take it up on myself to keep the practitioner updated on any changes in my health.

PACKAGE EXPIRATION DATES: Sessions expire six months from start of series. Please be mindful of your schedule when signing up for this option. It’s offered to lessen the cost of regular care – not to just offer a discount. Unused prepaid package sessions will be donated to the Sliding Scale Fund to help subsidize care for people who cannot otherwise afford it.

SLIDING SCALE SESSIONS: A sliding scale is offered for those who cannot afford care any other way (by request only, and must be arranged prior to your session). Please be aware that we can only offer a limited amount of these per week, and that they are accepted on a case by case basis.