Somatic Experiencing® (SE)

Somatic Experiencing® was created by Peter Levine, PhD. It was developed as a way to help complete responses to overwhelming life experiences that did not get a chance to finish doing what was needed at the time.

Somatic Experiencing® (SE) is a therapy used to work with the naturally occurring stress-response system in the body (fight or flight, etc.). The goal is to reduce symptoms, and support the recovery from trauma, or accumulated stress. SE is a good fit for single incident traumas / shock trauma, such as falls, car accidents, etc., and for experiences where you have a narrative of the story or an experience to describe.

For early developmental trauma, chronic stress, symptoms with no origin or explanation, experiences of neglect, long term abuse or stress, and for working without narrative or story, Organic Intelligence® might be a better fit.

SE can direct the body return to a normal baseline of physiological functioning after an overwhelming stress. Through this work we find ways to access and resolve stored tension, stress, body memory, traumatic energy, etc. This happens by following the cues offered up by your body, including sensation, mental images, emotions, and thoughts. The ability to do this is actually hardwired into your nervous system – it is our natural way of responding to stress: activation and then subsequent completion of that cycle, or calming. Instead of getting stressed and staying that way. Your biology naturally wants to complete the unfinished business, and move on. SE can help with that.