Discovery Healing Purpose and Mission

Version 2Discovery Healing was created to offer you reliable, quality support for your healing process. 

(ok….what does that actually mean, you ask?) Fair question – especially since there are so many kinds of healing modalities out there…how can you tell the good ones from the flibbertigibbets? Well, we take our work and study seriously (as well as our play!) and we value you. That’s what sets us apart, and what we’re all about. 

Over a decade and a half of practice and study of all the ways people get hurt (and more importantly, how the heal) it became clear that addressing symptoms wasn’t enough. 

Shifting the focus from eliminating a symptom or fixing a problem changed everything. Something amazing began to happen: people actually seemed to get a whole lot more healthier overall. Happier, more comfortable in their skin. They had more vitality, or bandwidth for the general stresses in life. So even if their aches and pains were slow to respond to mechanical treatment they were better as a whole, and often those symptoms would greatly reduce with less intervention, sometimes spontaneously vanishing altogether. The key is: healing is a process in and of itself.

The process is the point – not the outcome. 

So was crafted an approach specific to understanding the process of healing, and identifying ways to effectively increase that natural biological impulse. Joining people in that endeavor on their behalf. This is unique in a number of ways, but most noteworthy is that the foundation is looking for the health instead of the dis-ease. And having that be our compass to lead us to more health. Being process oriented is like being on our way somewhere, everything is in motion – constantly changing, reorganizing, evolving. More on the healing process here.

The job of a healer is not to ‘do’ something to someone to create an effect that changes something for them. We are helpers, guides, shepherds – and we know to be effective it requires an ability to read the map and know the terrain while allowing the innate knowing in each person come through to guide the way. While we keep the light at the end of the tunnel squarely in our view.

We do not work in intensity most of the time – it’s true the vast majority of the time (all?) that when something injures us – physically, emotionally, spiritually, psychologically; it is because it was too intense or overwhelming, usually a combination of both. We don’t heal overwhelm with overwhelm. Informed by the Organic Intelligence® approach developed by Steve Hoskinson all of the offerings here are oriented around listening to all of the ways your system is communicating. You are a complete, and complex living organism with a mind and personality, a heart and soul. All of you deserves to be able to show up and be supported in moving from whatever chaos is happening to the best coherence we can get. We seek to help you find your best life, be the most comfortable in your own skin that you’ve ever been, and to help you find liberation from the weight of stress, trauma, & PTSD. 

Our purpose and mission is to offer quality reliable support for your healing process – so you can move through, and beyond – begin to enjoy being alive more – with sustainable and tangible improvement in the whole of you.

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