Reliable, Quality Support

Support requires integrity (that makes it reliable) and quality produces integrity. 

OK – so you sit down to eat a bowl of yogurt. But all you have is a screwdriver, not a spoon. Right job, wrong tool.

Another example, you’re building something and need that screwdriver now. But it’s the only one you have and it’s made of a softer metal than the screw and gets all chewed up at the end and doesn’t let you make the screws tight. Right tool, poor quality.

These scenarios, while silly, are a great representation of how important reliable, quality support is.

Now that we have that out of the way – let’s apply this to finding a professional to help you in your healing process: you show up at the dentist and they cut your hair instead. Sounds ludicrous right? Admittedly this is a bit of a caricature of what actually happens, but too many of us have tried to get good help and left feeling confused and maybe even worse off than when we started. This is often a result of one or more of the aforementioned problems: a mismatch of practitioner style or skill set, or a lack of training/experience to be able to expertly handle what it is you’re bringing in to find support for. Much of the time this is a result of poor or mis communication.

Because of that we have these three tenets that guide all of the care you will receive from us:

1: We walk our talk, nothing is practiced at Discovery Healing that isn’t something we don’t actively and regularly receive ourselves. That is to say, we’ve all been through the fire more than once and so can come to your side with genuine curiosity and compassion.

2: You are welcome here – however you are. We pledge to be present, curious – and to stay actively involved in the evolution of your care. You deserve good help, and we are well equipped to offer guidance for that. If we feel we aren’t the right tool, we have a rich network of high quality practitioners to refer you to. (for example, I’m a screwdriver, but I see you have a bowl of yogurt and so instead of trying to convince you to eat your yogurt with it – I’ll suggest a spoon and help you find one). Sometimes the right referral is the spoon the screwdriver led us to find, so we are also here to help you keep your inspiration towards you healing – and we know how tricky (and never linear) the healing process is

3) Communication and consent are essential to the healing process. We want to be clear about what you want and what you’re comfortable with. And we want you to be clear about what we’re offering and how we can help. Then we decide together, continually as things change, heal, shift, and grow for you what each next step is.