The Healing Process

The Healing Process is always happening – as longas you are alive, you are in some variety of reparative and regenerative processes at all times. It’s just the stuff of life.

For example: you get a cut on your arm. First it’s a break in the skin, and then you administer some first aid – stop any bleeding, clean it, bandage it. But there’s quite a lot that happens after that: an inflammation process to bring extra blood, oxygen, and repair cells to the area. There might be some temporary pain, redness, swelling. But soon there is a scab that forms and creates a new ‘patch’ to hold the skin together while the repair work is going on. Scar tissue lays down in phases until that temporary patch comes off – sometimes there is itching in this phase. Then the new scar tissue is there – new and soft, maybe a different color than the rest of your skin? Over time, that scar tissue becomes more integrated into the whole of the sheets of fascia / skin and also gets firmer and tighter. Eventually there is no break in the skin at all.

From initial injury, or change in condition (cut on your arm) to the healed skin – as good as or maybe even better than – new, well that was a process. Different phases, many resources were called upon by the body to help manage, care for, and ultimately heal that cut. For all injuries – whether to our body, mind, spirit, or heart – however you got hurt – it’s a process to heal. 

We often want to heal the way we got hurt: fast, sudden – to have things be noticeably and completely different. We’re often expecting intensity. But that’s just not how it works. While miraculous healings do occur, they are the exception that makes the rule. There are phases, steps, layers, pieces, etc. to be continually sorted through, released, reclaimed, rehabilitated – you get the idea. The key is having help that knows how to see an eye on and a rudder pointing you in the direction of coherence instead of further chaos or confusion. Here at Discovery Healing we value the process and are well oriented in that, and skilled the practice of helping you this way.