I received my first bodywork about 8 or 9 years ago from Eve. It was a life changing experience. Since then, I have not received more effective body work… anywhere! No one has lived up to her wonderful natural talent.??
-Alisha, Seattle, WA

Over the past 8 years every massage has ranged from fabulous to magnificent. And enlisting eve’s help after our car accident was the best thing my husband and I have ever done for ourselves. I truly believe we would not be walking as well if we hadn’t gone to see her.
-Jill G.

After my most recent cranial sacral session with Eve, last week’s yoga class was a luscious 1-1/2 hours in which my brain & my muscles connected without my mind getting in the way. I experienced a deeply enriching yoga session, during which I felt like I was dancing with my obliques!

Eve is flat-out the best massage therapist I’ve worked with and I’ve had quite a number of massages in my life. I feel so well taken care of and thought about in Eve’s care. For the time I am on her massage table, she is thinking about me and working with my body in ways that I don’t have to think about at all and at the end, aside from my hair being a fright, I’m in heaven. ?It’s also been very interesting exploring the cranial sacral work she’d done with me once. I am going to do more. It’s different than anything else I’ve experienced.

A visit with Eve is an oasis of calm and healing in my busy schedule – from our first visit she has taken the time to get to know me and I feel that she truly cares about my long-term well-being. She somehow combines an intuitive, sympathetic soul with expert technical knowledge and experience: she’s been a blessing for both short-term therapy and long-term wellness.