Rent Space at Discovery Healing for Your Practice

Interested in sharing space at Discovery Healing to build your practice? 

Imagine walking in off of busy 45th into an enchanting and soothing environment – immediately shifting from the rushing loudness of the day-to-day to a calmer state, an easier and deeper breath. That’s what our space was designed for. I specialize in treating the effects of stress and trauma, focusing on the nervous systems’ response to those things. So the whole space was designed with easing stress in mind. It’s beautiful, but also has character and is welcoming and comfortable (with some quirks). Lots of natural light with windows that open in each treatment room.

Two treatment rooms available, one 9×12 and one 10×13. Rent is adjusted for space per room and includes the following:
– electric table with tilt top
– hot towel cabinet
– wireless speaker with bluetooth for whatever music you want to stream
– windows that open with curtains for darkening the room if you prefer
– rolling stool
– water/tea service for clients
– bathroom for clients, and extra sink for washing hands before/after sessions.
– all basic office supplies (soap, paper towels/toilet paper), printer ink, pens, paper, etc.
– use of online scheduler (the best thing ever!)
– all utilities (WSG, electricity, wi-fi) included
– representation on my website (if you’d like) with links to yours (if you have your own website)

You provide sheets, oil/needles or whatever your tools are for your trade, and your clients.

Rent is per day a month. Example, if you rent one day a week (let’s say, Monday) at $150/day, it would give you all the Monday’s in a month for $150/mo. If you rent Monday’s and Tuesdays at $145/day, it would be $290/mo for all the Monday’s and Tuesday’s in the month.

Rent for the 9×12 room is:
One day per week – $135/day
2-3 days per week – $130/day
4-5 days per week – $ $125/day

Rent for the 10×13 room is:
One day per week – $150/day
2-3 days per week – $145/day
4-5 days per week – $ $140/day

All healing arts are welcome. In the past, tenants have been LMP’s, Bowen practitioners, L.Ac., Psychotherapists, Reiki Practitioners, and Estheticians. Your modality is less important than if we’re a good fit for each other. I’d like to provide a space that’s comfortable to you and your clients so you can settle in and build your practice up. The two of us have been in this location for a year and a half and it’s been really successful at holding a strong increase in business. Want to join us?